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Treatment Options

Our goal is always to provide quality care to our patients while facilitating the best possible dental experience. With this in mind, we may recommend the use of additional treatment modalities.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas is an inhalation agent mixed with oxygen and administered to patients through a device that covers their nose. In patients with mild to moderate anxiety in the dental setting, nitrous oxide is beneficial in reducing their anxiety significantly. If indicated, Dr. Holley may recommend its use to help your child better cooperate during dental treatment.

In Office Sedation

In Office Sedation is an option for some patients who have higher levels of anxiety in the dental setting. If your child is determined to be a candidate for this treatment modality, medications will be prescribed and administered in our office only after a medical consultation has been completed. This measure is to ensure overall health and safety during treatment.

Hospital Dentistry

Hospital Dentistry is an option for some patients with extensive treatment needs or special healthcare needs. In the controlled environment of the operating room, our dental team is better able to safely deliver comprehensive dental care in a single visit. With this treatment adjunct we also require a consultation with your child’s pediatrician to confirm their overall health status.

Please know that we place safety as a priority in our efforts to meet the dental needs of our patients. If any of the above-mentioned adjuncts are recommended to you, it is with the intention of delivering quality dental care in the safest possible manner!